Summer at Applewood Inn!

The Applewood Inn is the perfect romantic summer getaway! This beautiful Russian River Inn offers thrilling adventures, such as hot air ballooning and relaxing picnics and pool days as well as SPA messages.

Hot Air Balloon Rides!

Hot air balloons are a unique form of flight because you don’t feel any perception of height,  you float with the air currents. Balloons usually fly up to 1500 feet, like the surrounding hilltops. Eliminating the fear of heights, because your eyes have no linear perspective to judge distance from the ground. You’ll feel at peace as the earth seems to rotate below you. While you’re floating serenely in a colorful balloon, enjoy the beautiful Napa & Sonoma Wine Country just after dawn. As you sail gently with the wind, you’ll enjoy spectacular views, such as the Pacific Coast, San Francisco’s Skyline, Redwood Forests, Geyser Mountains, the Russian River, and lush rolling vineyards! As you float back down to earth, we know your wandering imagination is processing the wine country beauty as you return to your Russian River Inn, Applewood Inn.

Pools and Picnics!

Soak in the fresh air and beautiful scenery from our pool and hot tub which are surrounded by the lovely redwoods! Our Russian River Inn is located within minutes of several impressive vineyards. If you prefer sunbathing than swimming, you’ll enjoy our comfy loungers around the pool, or you can enjoy a picnic in our shaded parks, all surrounded by the flowers and beautiful gardens. Applewood Inn is a doorway into world-class wineries and restaurants. Our Russian River Inn offers picnic baskets for a romantic getaway in our beautiful wine country!

Pick from one of our three choices of Picnic Baskets, The Sonoma Vegetarian, La Provence, and La Toscana. Each basket includes two engraved glasses for you to remember your stay in our beautiful Russian River Inn!

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