Experience the Stunning Redwoods!

Armstrong Redwoods!

Hotels near Guerneville CA, like the Applewood Inn, offer a diverse community surrounded by majestic Redwoods, which make it a great destination vacation to escape the craziness of city life. The Armstrong Woods State Park is a reservation of redwood trees with great hiking and horseback riding trails. Redwoods grew in the riverbed with such strength that just a few centuries ago, the valley had the highest biomass density on the planet! Except for a large, beautiful stand of genuinely ancient trees conserved in the Fife Creek watershed, most of the trees were logged in the 19th century. The annual town parade still honors the old name by calling itself “Stumptown Days.” Hotels near Guerneville CA stayed popular with tourists because of the very varied and integrated community, and Guerneville kept its small-town charm, with its small shops and public beach in the heart of town along the Russian River. Making Guerneville an ideal vacation spot with great fishing, swimming, boating, and sunbathing!


We offer an assortment of hiking trails which provide challenging and, or peaceful hikes through the beautiful Sonoma Wine country! Explore popular trails near the Applewood Inn, one of the hotels near Guerneville CA, with curated trails. The Austin Creek Trail can be a challenging hike at times, but it’s beautiful views, and stream crossings make it a gorgeous walk to connect with nature. Some challenging parts of this hike begin with a steep start and increase at the end.  You should be aware of water levels before embarking on this hike, as some crossings may require you to wear water shoes or cross barefoot through some streams. It offers a refreshing break on a hot summer day, as the trails provide very little shade. There are some picnic tables for a lunch break to enjoy the summer beauty of Sonoma County!


The Applewood Inn’s luxurious spa is the perfect rejuvenation after a challenging hike, so join us in one of the most beautiful hotels near Guerneville CA!

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